A couple of projects I worked on as freelancer or employee.

The Exiled - MMO

The Exiled is a fast-paced PvP game set in a forsaken valley. Game worlds last for up to one month. Open PvP and Full Loot mean that you will to constantly balance risk and reward. Find a group of friends and form a clan to thrive in the valley.

Game jams and prototypes

A random collection of jam games and prototypes.


A puredata bindings for unity on iOS and Android - inactive.

Tridek - iOS/Android

A trading card game - never released.

San Juan - iOS/Android

A conversion for iOS/Android of the card game San Juan based on the board game Puerto Rico.

Travian - Browser Game

Software developer at Traviangames.

Iris2 - 3D UO Client

An Open Source 3D client for Ultima Online Freeshards based on Ogre3D/Lua.


  • Projekt “Digitale Umsetzung eines Brettspiels für PC und Tablets” - project work with lectures - Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences - 2013
  • Unity Editor Tools - lectures - SAE Institute München‎ - 2014